Discover a deeper connection to your true authentic self, the unraveling of blocked energy and the feeling of coming home. Chakradance  is an advanced practice for healing and growth. Chakradance provides music that resonates with our physical bodies.

Chakradance further turns us inward, to become mindful and curious and in-tune with the memories and experiences that our physical (and emotional, spiritual, etc.) bodies contain. 

Many of us are preoccupied with how intelligent our minds (not bodies) are, and have never even heard of the notion that our bodies contain actual wisdom and intelligence. Further, only recently have the ideas been reaching more people that trauma, emotional distress, stress, etc. are stored inside the cells of the body and that, for healing, the physical body must be included. Consider that, for many people, getting help in dealing with problems more likely involves talking (talking, using the mind and mouth) to a therapist than using the body in dance or anything else… Does any part of this paragraph describe you?

Chakradance helps us to go deep into ourselves, and when repeated, we can reach deep into multiple layers of our chakras. It seems that, collectively, we have been sold on quick fixes (there are pills for everything now), and have been conditioned to not notice that deep healing work is useful and necessary. We have been conditioned to accept the superficiality of our lives, including the normalcy of high pressure, & high stress – continuous doing with very little being

In the pantry of inner-self nutrition, Chakradance provides nutrients in the categories Meditation, Music, Movement, Creativity and Intuition.  I contend that Magic and Happiness are there too, and the way I facilitate there is always an oil diffusing to add the element of Aroma – so all 8 categories.  A perfect offering for the inner being!

I am a certified facilitator, one of 4 in the state and less than 50 in the nation. There are about 450 of us world wide.


Duration: 90 minutes most sessions; there are both 60 minute versions and 3 hour versions

Individual: Integration sessions may be repeated and dance each chakra for about the same duration every session.

Series: Awakening, Journey and Freedom are all multi session series.  7-9 sessions with each chakra getting it’s own session.

Session Structure: Meditation, Introductions, Overview, Warm-up, All Chakra Dance, [Individual Chakra dance if a series], Mandala Art, Sharing, Meditation

Inner Self Nutrition Categories: Meditation, Music, Movement, Creativity, Intuition

Cost: Demo sessions free-$10, 1 hour sessions $15, 90 minute sessions $20, Series $180, all subject to change and can be adjusted for groups of 6 or more

Location: Inward Journeys Studio or your location