Essential Oils

yl-interesting-facts-infographic  I don’t claim to be an expert at essential oils… and I know enough to use them to support the work we do at the studio. There are several local experts who we will bring in from time to time to share their knowledge.

The oils are pure plant goodness, nature’s apothecary and cleaning store and first aid kit and more! I use Young Living for the quality and their dedication to the land as well as the product.

When you arrive at the studio you may notice our diffuser running and a small bottle of oil sitting near by.  Enjoy the fragrance and the lift.  Ask questions – what I can’t answer myself I’ll find and pass on.  If you want to order oils (who can be without Lavender for even an hour?) I will be happy to help.

Description of Workshops:

Duration: 60 minutes most sessions; Make & Take may be longer

Session Structure: Pause, Introduction of Inner Nutrition Categories and Flavors and the fit of Essential Oils, Information and Interraction with the Oils, if a Make & Take, the making and packaging

Inner Self Nutrition Categories: Meditation, Music, Aroma

Cost: Varies with the nature of the session

Location: Inward Journeys Studio or your location