HeartMath Mediation

Ahhhhh…. Meditation…. I am a list maker.  Before I received support from my HeartMath trainer, my meditation sessions consisted of sitting still, with oils diffusing and quiet music playing, often a candle. And my brain running down lists of things that I need to do, go, be, calls to make, groceries to buy, errands – you name it, anything but quiet time for my brain to rest and my inner being to just be. And at the end a mad dash to the computer to type in all the lists before they flew out of my brain.  All I felt was exhausted and relieved – not calm or de-stressed!

And then I was introduced to the trainer (see devices pictured below) and began to actually meditate – mentally, physically and spiritually.  The results are amazing, so much so that I became a certified coach in this method with it’s biofeedback.

img_0061               img_0062

One-to-One coaching is available as is group coaching. Both programs teach breathing and other techniques to reduce then manage stress as well as the use of the trainers.

Description of Workshops & Coaching:

Duration: 60 minutes most sessions

Individual: Coaching tailored to your needs

Group: Coaching on a set of common challenges

Number of Sessions: Will do one session however, less than 6 are not very effective in creating a sustainable change.

Session Structure: Pause, Introduction of Inner Nutrition Categories and Flavors and the fit of HeartMath, Instruction and Practice with Breathing exercises, Time with practicing with and without the biofeedback equipment

Inner Self Nutrition Categories: Meditation, Music

Cost: Varies with individual vs group coaching; equipment not required yet may be necessary for continued practice; Dependent on how may sessions are included; From $75-$532

Location: Inward Journeys Studio or your location