Storydance Logo 2014 V6inamojoTM brings a positive, intuitive and imaginative educational program to primary school children, providing them with tools of self- knowledge to assist them on their own life journey.

inamojoTM is a place of magic, imagination, and fun, inamojoTM creates a world in which children can embrace their creativity while developing the tools to nurture self-esteem, self- awareness, and empathy.

As the children dance through fairytale lands accompanied by beautifully composed music and magical guided stories, they are encouraged to engage with their own imaginations and inner feelings, allowing them to freely express themselves, growing healthy minds and bodies while having loads of fun!

InamojoTM is run by specially trained and accredited facilitators as a nine week program for children aged from 5 – 11 years. Classes are run in private groups, schools and after-school programs.

I am one of 8 certified in the country, the only one in WI or it’s bordering states, and on of the first 30 in the world.

Description of Workshops & Coaching:

Duration: 60 minutes

Group: Sessions are designed for 3-25 kiddos

Number of Sessions: 9 in the full cycle; from time to time will offer the intro session, Naga’s Curse as a “try it”

Session Structure: Welcome & Introduction, 3 Bells 3 Breaths, Dragon Sneeze, Dragon Sneeze dance, meditation, Rainbow Dragon Dance, Magic Circle Art, Sharing, Meditation, 3 Bells 3 Breaths

Inner Self Nutrition Categories: Meditation, Music, Movement, Creativity, Intuition, Magic

Cost: $10/child/session, so complete cycle is $90.  Will negotiate for groups of 10 or more.

Location: Inward Journeys Studio, school, day care center, church, library or your location