Personal Life Coaching & Education (Me First!)

The Me First! method of nourishing the inner being is my own creation.  It’s a structured way to be sure that you are nourishing your inner-self and doing so in a balanced way that allows all the needs of the inner being to be satisfied and healthy.  We take an approach that includes the body, mind and spirit, together, in balance. Recognizing that just like foods, we need variety to get all the vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients (in addition to the proteins and fuels provided) and to satisfy our unique and specific tastes, to nourish our inner-self we must have a variety of flavors of each of the 8 categories of inner nutrition.

We teach this system of categories and flavors of inner-nutrition and explore recipes that combine the nutrients in “tasty” ways.  From this foundation we are free to explore and heal and to support ourselves on this journey.

Many of my certifications came about as I discovered practices that brought 2 or more of the inner-self nutritional categories together.  These then, become the launch pad in our search for the practices and flavors of nutrients that suit our needs, “taste good”, fit into our life style, and feel like home. Coaching proceeds from there!

Description of Workshops & Coaching:

Duration: 60 minutes most sessions

Individual: Coaching tailored to your needs. Although I will do a single session, I recommend a minimum of 6 either weekly or biweekly sessions

Group Workshop: Coaching on a set of common challenges and education on the 8 categories of inner self nutrition, flavor options, recipes.

Number of Sessions: Coaching – Will do one session however, less than 6 are not very effective in creating a sustainable change. Group Workshop – 10 sesssion series that starts with overview, then focuses on each category for the next 8 sessions, then ends with a session on recipe building.

Session Structure: Pause, Instruction, Experiential discussion

Inner Self Nutrition Categories: Meditation, Music, Movement, Aroma, Creativity, INtuition, Magic and Happiness

Cost: Varies with individual vs group coaching; $75-$675

Location: Inward Journeys Studio or your location