Points of You Transformational Workshops

Experiential, uplifting, creative, provocative, revealing, intuitive, amazing experiences that exercise your emotions, brain and spirit – that’s as close as I can come to describing a Points of You workshop. Somehow words don’t do it justice (or I’m just that poor at writing).

We craft experiences on a wide range of topics to take you to places in you that you need to visit.  Sometimes these are places you didn’t know existed in you and other times these are places you’ve been avoiding (at great cost to health and serenity). Sometimes these are places where you’re consciously stuck, yet don’t know how to get unstuck. Some experiences are all of these and more.

Topics that we have traveled in the past include:

  • Teamwork and Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Gratitude
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Heart
  • Spring Cleaning for the Heart of Your Business
  • The Masks We Wear
  • Trust
  • Change
  • Courage
  • Real and Ideal
  • Sage & Saboteur
  • Stress
  • Holiday Season Stress Stopper
  • Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
  • Train the Trainer

There are always new workshops being created, so this list will continue to grow. We love the challenge of creating workshops around your challenges. What can we custom craft just for you?

Workshops typically last 1.5-3 hours depending on the time available. We use photo cards, word cards and question cards from one of 2 game sets (Punctum and The Coaching Game, both by Points of You). We pause, set intentions for the session, share stories, enjoy music, diffuse supportive oils, share insights and literally play with the topic and our relationship to it.

Carol is our Certified Points of You Trainer and Coach. Her certification allows her to train others (coaches, councilors, therapists, HR professionals, managers, etc.) to facilitate workshops. She is one of less than 30 certified Points of You professionals in the USA, and the only one for 800+ miles!

The unexpected yet precise is just around the corner. Trust the process! Magic happens!