Modes of Travel

We are facilitators of transformation! As such, we are travel agents and guides. We have only one destination yet it is the most fascinating place ever. It changes from one heartbeat to the next, always different and evolving. That’s why we guide you there again and again and again. That’s why we have so many Modes of Travel.  In the physical world we have boats and trains, planes and cars, bicycles and feet and ….. Our inner world needs just as many ways to get to destination you because after all, it’s as much about the journey as the arrival. It’s about what we experience along the way that changes us, frees us, elevates us.

Below is a list of our current, often cutting edge, modalities to facilitate your transformation. Read about them to decide where to start and keep an open mind and heart. What is appealing (or “not so much”) today may (probably will) strike you differently tomorrow, and the next day.  Sample. Indulge. Journey. Share. Transform.

Essential Oils
HeartMath Meditation
Personal Life Coaching & Emotional Education (Me First)
Points of You Transforamational Workshops